MiVV Double Gun Exhaust

MiVV Double Gun Exhaust

DOUBLE GUN is MIVV's response to the call of enthusiasts all over the world for an exhaust that is compact and at the same time full of character. As it can be easily understood, it's name comes from the design, similar to that of a double barrelled shotgun - it’s aggressive, extremely short, and ready to transform the sound of the engine into an exciting roar.

A jewel fully made of titanium, with a total weight of just over half kg, with perfectly exposed TIG welds that demonstrate its full character and benefitting from removable baffles also.

DOUBLE GUN shows in fact an almost excessive attention to detail, and is the result of a mix of robotic processes and expert craftsmanship.

The design impact is amazingly captivating: essential, minimalist, short, wicked, capable of changing the face of any motorbike.

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