Motorcycles, Scooters and ATV's for sale

Motorcycles, Scooters and ATV's for sale

BR Special Tuning are proud to become a UK distributor of Motorcycles, Scooters and ATV's.

We will be adding more Kymco products as soon as possible.


Scooters, motorcycles and quad bikes (ATVs) from one of the world′s largest manufacturers

Great Scooters, Motorcycles and ATV's from KYMCO

One of the world's largest manufacturers of Scooters, Motorcycles and ATVs, KYMCO are renowned for our excellent build and engineering quality, superlative fuel efficiency and great looks. All this at an affordable price offering our customers unbeatable value for money.

With new and exciting models introduced on a yearly basis, appearing alongside established, in-demand machines, there has never been a better time to choose KYMCO

KYMCO currently exports its exciting range to over 90 countries worldwide. Established in 1963 and employing over 3000 people with some 250 in R&D, KYMCO are seriously focused on developing and manufacturing equipment of the highest quality for today′s demanding lifestyles.

Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

All of our bikes, scooters & ATV's are powered by the latest generation, environmentally efficient engines, which ultimately makes them fuel-efficient, capable of achieving in excess of 100 miles per gallon (depending on model) as well as producing very low carbon emissions

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